Who Should You Rent From?

When you are looking to rent a property, you are able to choose between one of two options. You can either approach a private owner who has a property to rent. Alternatively you can enlist the help of a property management company.

Choosing to Rent from a Property Management Company:

Property management companies have a lot of tenants on their books. They have a strict and organized approach to their set up process for renting properties. Firstly they arrange viewings of the home, allowing interested parties to apply. These applications are then scrutinized, before a suitable tenant is chosen. A lease is then drawn up, and signed to make it legally binding.

Should you have any problems when you rent through a property management company, there are several people in the office who you can report to with any issues regarding maintenance or repairs that may be required. These issues are usually dealt with quickly and efficiently.

To rent properties is their profession, and a management company like to keep their tenants happy. They are also qualified real estate experts who can help you to find your new home should you ever wish to move.

People who choose to rent from a property management company are more inclined to be polite when calling them. No-one wants to acquire a bad reputation as a tenant when you are looking to rent a property.

However, some people who rent through a property management company often feel like just a “number” when they call them. This is due to the workload that they have as they are dealing with a large selection of properties and tenants. This can be a little impersonal in some instances.

Rent Through a Private Owner:

When you rent through a private owner, you are likely to have a more personal relationship with the landlord. This could mean that they may be more flexible with the lease arrangements, or perhaps if you have a problem with the rent one month.

Also, a private owner is more likely to charge less rent. This is because they will manage the property themselves. However, this could mean that any issues may take longer to be resolved.

Although you can have speak with a private owner easily, they are less professional when they are dealing with you to discuss your rent or any other problems. Often private owners fail to treat their tenants as a customer, and often don’t have the means to screen potential poor tenants effectively.

How to Choose Who to Rent From:

Have the opportunity to speak with the current tenants of the place which you wish to rent. They will be able to tell you how they found Southern California property management companies ranging from Los Angeles to Orange County to San Diego or the specific private owner they dealt with. Ask how calls and queries were handled so that you have all the information that you need before you make a final decision.

If you the place you are going to rent is within a building of other similar properties, take a look around the building. Consider if it is clean and well maintained. Whether or not all the hall and entrance lights are working, and if the trash is collected regularly.

These are all important points to consider when you are deciding who to rent from.

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